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Kim's Country Herbs

Herbal Remedies and Products

We started as a small, organic, family run herb farm in Upton, Mass. We have since relocated to the lovely village of Amherst, Ohio, just minutes from the shores of Lake Erie, named for the Erie tribe of Native Americans who lived along the Southern shore

Our pride and joy is in the comfrey oil and St. Johnís wort oil that we make right here! We start with fresh plant material in its peak of bloom, steep it in olive oil, and then strain it. We also pride ourselves on many other creations, such as our dried flowers, and a variety of medicinal extracts, such as raspberry leaf, St. Johnís wort, yarrow, chamomile, and red clover.

If youíd like more info on us or our products and gardens, please call (440) 984-4234 or email us at kimraw99@juno.com

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